Санаторий Белоруссия
Belorussian traditions,
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The resort town of Jurmala is well known and famous for its natural resources. The temperate climate, sea, pine wood trees, ecologically clean sea air, healing turf and mineral water are natural treasure that we are very proud of. Jurmala is the perfect place for everyone who wants to regain and maintain their health.

The health and rehabilitation hotel "Belorusija" is suited in the very centre of Jurmala and only 200m from the beach.

"Belorusija" welcomes everyone to spend their holidays here in our beautiful Riviera. Soft climate, fresh sea air and relaxing atmosphere that comes with it will constantly surround you and help you to improve your health.

Resort rehabilitation and anti-stress programs that we offer have all been designed by our doctors for people who suffer from a various ailments and health problems. Here in "Belorusija" we specialise in helping people with ailments in heart and circulation, digestion, breathing, movement and coordination.

We also offer programs for people who want to lose weight.

Our friendly staff, modern technology and pleasant atmosphere will help you regain and strengthen your health and aid in relaxing you completely.

Active lifestyle is important as it helps one stay fit and healthy. In "Belorusija" we offer all active lifestyle followers to use our sport facilities: gym, tennis court, volleyball field and swimming pool (25 m) with sauna. Swimming has a positive influence on people's health and Baltic Sea is our main attraction.

The health and rehabilitation hotel "Belorusija" offers comfortable accommodation and for reasonable price. We offer single and double bed standard rooms and to those who prefer more luxurious accommodations single LUX and double LUX rooms are available.
There are also two cottages situated near hotel which can be also booked.

Every room has its own design so that prospective clients can choose a room which suits them.

All our rooms are fully furnished and have en-suite bathrooms with shower or bath. Every room has TV, fridge and connected telephone.
Cable television is also available in every room. Wifi is available in selected areas of the hotel.

The medical facilities of hotel "Belorusija" is what makes it unique and popular. We give our clients qualitative rehabilitation by providing them with the newest medical technology, diagnosis and treatment.

Salt is well known by its healing air and minerals and in hotel "Belorusija" we offer our clients to experience the healing power of a salt room.

A large variety of procedures are available to our clients through out the day: water procedures, healing dirt applications, lymphatic drainage, massage and many others.

Daily walks in the woods and on the beach, oxygen cocktail and herbal tea will further benefit your rehabilitation.

For those who are interested in culture and history we have organised trips around Latvia's most popular cities. Our personalised guide will offer you his advice on what to see and visit.

Clients who love to read and can't imagine their holidays without a book by their side can visit our hotel's comprehensive library on the 11th floor.